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Early March, I had to give a presentation as a part of my Critical Web Design class. The topic I choose was Deceptive Patterns with UX.

I remember watching The Social Dilemma and being deeply disturbed.

Deceptive Nudge Desire/Want


Choice is a fundamental expression of freedom.

I think there are conversations happening regarding the existence of free will or not.

Thought experiments:

Let’s say that every decision I make, my brain is right there with me. Neuroscience of choice. How did I choose to write these thoughts here?

  • Narrator: I’m simply just observing and noting what has already been decided or chosen (happened).
  • Exogenous vs. endogenous processes…
  • For example… I really wanted to message my family to update them on my school graduation situation. Where did that come from?

Free will : the capacity or ability to choose between different possible courses of action unimpeded

  • Do we have control over our actions? What sort of control and to what extent?
  • Freedom of choice vs. freedom to act
  • Being responsible for one’s choices == they are the cause of their actions
  • But… what about split brain patients or when brain stops functioning in localized ways?
  • Determinism vs.
    • Causal, logical, theological
    • Compatibility Daniel Dennett] - people’s sense of responsibility & purpose
  • Quantum mechanics and choice
  • Statistical probability
  • What is rationality?
  • Neuroscience of free will: volition (voluntariness) and agency (capacity to act)
    • Roskies - 1. Action initiation 2. Intention 3. Decision 4. Inhibition & control 5. Phenomenology of agency

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