Now 🥂

(Aka… What I might tell a friend I haven’t talked in a year)
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It’s almost March! I’m having a pretty lovely start to the year. Much better than the end of 2023…

I started running this year. My goal was to run a 5k without stopping and I’m happy to say I have done it! I had obviously heard of benefits but sticking with this fitness routine has drastically improved my quality of life. I hope to maintain it :)

We’re moving back to the Northeast! I am sad to say goodbye to Dallas. So many good friends and memories here. One more month to soak it up here.

I am also SO excited to be closer to my family and friends!! And NATURE.

I fell off maintaining this site near the end of last year. Which is a bummer because I really do feel excited about this concept and growing this site as my personal digital garden. I am getting caught up in a perfectionistic mindset. 2024 me - let’s break out of that!!

TL;DR: Moving to NYC/Southern CT soon. Finding my fitness flow is helping me find flow in other aspects of my life. Soaking up time in Dallas until the move :)

🙋🏽‍♀️ Questions on my mind 🤔 :
  • Why does your mind feel better when you workout?
  • Why do we not want to say we’ve used AI when it’s prevalent everywhere?
  • How can I connect back with this site and grow my “thought garden”?