How to brew good coffee 🪴

Using Chemex

  1. Boil water (enough to fill the kettle).
  2. Measure and grind coffee beans to ~50g of coffee grounds (about sea-salt like texture).
  3. Fold the Chemex filter using the triple fold technique (three vs one). Place the filter in pour over with the thicker (three fold) side positioned towards the spout.
  4. Once the water has boiled, pour enough to wet the filter. Swish and pour out the water.
  5. Add ~50g coffee grounds to the filter in the pour over. Shake so the ground bed is even.
  6. Bloom: Pour about 100g of water in a circular motion about (enough to wet the grounds). This allows carbon dioxide that may have been trapped to be released.
  7. Pour technique…

This is where things get weird.

Circle pour, center pour

I did like this technique and thought the coffee was good. It seems like this way isn’t as popular as the timed circle pour. It was a lot easier and I didn’t have to be as meticulous.

Circle pour from outside in

Did this and not sure if I really taste the difference. Is it worth the extra effort to time the pours?

Circle pour from inside out

(Update - May 4. 2023) - Hard to tell the difference. I have been trying this technique and the coffee tastes good. However, it’s really hard to control the pour even with my gooseneck kettle. Do I need to be taller? I might try to compare two cups made with the different techniques to see if I can even tell a difference.

Using French Press

Been re-visiting the french press lately. My mini french press has been awesome to make a cup of decaf coffee when the urge hits past 3pm.

  1. Boil water (600 fluid oz).
  2. Scoop 2 tbsp of ground coffee (using Trader Joes Decaf) into french press.
  3. 30 seconds-ish after water has boiled, pour 600 fl oz into french press.
  4. Plunge just until top of the water bed.
  5. Set a timer for 4 minutes.
  6. After 4 minutes, plunge fully and pour yourself a cup!

May 6, 2023

  • Now we can also travel into more casual place to get advice on how to brew coffee: Reddit!
  • Feeling like the Colombian Supremo - Kirkland coffee beans taste slightly strong and bitter with this technique:
    • ~50 g of grounds to 700g of water ratio
    • Circle pour from inside out
    • Really good for using the brew for iced coffee after putting it in the fridge!!


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