What is Mind Blend Cafe? 🪴

Can the internet feel good? As digital technologies become integrated in almost every aspect of our lives, there is an interesting trend of rising exhaustion and anxiety. Many are finding refuge by disconnecting, returning to unplugged spaces like private journals or a cabin in the woods (see waldenponding) to escape from apps and technologies meant to boost productivity and connection.

Mind Blend is my digital space to imagine an alternate experience of the internet to explore, connect, and evolve. One that is calm, kind, fun, and evokes awe and inspiration. It is modeled after a community of people curating “digital gardens” and “cozy internet” corners as spaces to think, reflect, and grow as a response to the chaotic stressful nature of the web. 

With some development, Mind Blend will also be an invitation to others to join me in my cozy “digital thought cafe” to blend thoughts, feelings, ideas, and experiences to extract meaningful insights. My vision is that people start with a topic or question and feel encouraged to brain dump all their thoughts in a mindmap-like environment. Once they share their thoughts, they may look at others’ mind maps and may make new connections to their own. They can go through this process as many times as they please but at the end, will be asked to extract insights and make a “brew” of their ideas. The format of the ideas is open, and includes text, images, videos, gifs, and so on.

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