When tech sucks 🪴

Pardon me for getting rather grumpy… I must have written this in a MOOD.

So i’m thinking about AI & other technologies and the AMAZING things that they can all do.

I’m also hearing about the incredibly ethically dubious ways in which the technologies have the capacity to be used (are being used)…

So what do I want to focus on??

I think in an effort to move towards high-tech, better, more, and we’re forgetting while building up annoyances and those annoyances are translating to higher-tech.

But what if we shift our focus back to low-tech…

Is it our expectations?

What’s wrong with a pencil & notebook to be a thinking ground/taking notes?

Why do people use computers and laptops? Efficiency but we tend to lose that and more as we drift into multitasking (task switching)?

Why DID the bullet journal take over and become so beloved by so many people?

Why do so many people feel more satisfied reading in an actual book than a device?

If these are experiences that so many people share, then how come we stick with our high-tech devices?

There are also some trends like minimalism, people doing digital detoxes, and others that are lifestyles rooted in low tech ways. But… how come sometimes to be minimal means to use something that accomplishes multiple goals?

I am tired of wasting 20-30 minutes on the phone with a bot that was supposed to be implemented to save a company time (and money).

I am tired of feeling frustrated with figuring out how to heck to create a password that passes all the security requirements from the insurance company (why can I not use characters successively BCBS??)?

I have the ability to opt out of newsletters but when we’re talking about an age where Chatgpt3 is going to take over our jobs, why the hell am I unchecking each opt-out option one by one??

To read a menu I have to pull out my phone and scan a QR code and sometimes get distracted with a text or accidentally on YouTube or instagram or my phone isn’t working for some reason and then I have to leave and come back when I just want a chicken sandwich damn it!!

Why Amazon is a multi million dollar company but doesn’t have a helpful support team?

Scheduling a doctor appointment.

Ordering food.

Tech sucks sometimes… And by operating under this assumption that more technology is going to solve all our problems, I’m being presented with more problems that are super irritating and more importantly losing choice to participate in the system.

Guess that’s my rant! :)

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